Tracey Uyematsu

Front End Web Developer

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My mission is to create amazing user experiences and make web magic happen


When I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist (not sure what kind of artist, maybe some kind of illustrator for books maybe). Then the Internet happened. I got my first computer at age 13, and I became obsessed with not only looking at websites, I wanted a website of my own. I started out with a free Geocities site from Yahoo, and eventually bought my own domain, which forced me to learn HTML, CSS and eventually PHP. I learned more web techniques as I saw the convenience (Wordpress, Sass, node.js and others). I was certain I finally found my groove. Fast forward to about 20 years later and I'm still doing it! Currently, I'm working full-time at // TECHYSCOUTS.

(BTW, I still draw occasionally. I have my own Redbubble shop, where I combined two of my passions: drawing and guinea pigs.)

Currently, I live in Southern California, USA. I have 5 guinea pigs that are all rescues and in my free time, I either like to tackle my personal webdev projects, draw or play video games.

Stuff I Know

I'm always learning new things, but here is what I'm familiar with:

  • HTML & XHTML 90%
  • CSS 80%
  • Bootstrap 80%
  • PHP 75%
  • MySQL 70%
  • JavaScript 70%
  • jQuery 75%
  • Shopify 75%
  • Liquid 50%
  • Adobe Photoshop 80%
  • Adobe Illustrator 75%
  • npm 50%
  • Yarn 50%
  • Coda 80%
  • Codekit 80%

Sites I Made

Some personal projects I did.

This list is still growing!


I'm not looking for more work at the moment. If you need to contact me for any other reason...