Tracey Uyematsu

Developer History

Through Nerd Lens

I got to experience the Internet at age 12 and got my first computer at age 13. It was a Windows computer, and soon after, learned how to build websites through Geocities's drag-and-drop editor, Page Builder. It worked well for a little while—almost everyone used the same screen resolution back then (800px x 600px).

But when I was upgraded to a bigger monitor (1024px x 768px!!!), I found that elements (text, images, etc) I thought were perfectly centered on my webpages actually weren't. And learning how to code HTML gave me greater control.* So that pretty much opened a door for me! I picked up CSS (and SASS/SCSS), Javascript and others later on.

* For fellow webdevs, Page Builder used absolute positioning. Which as we know, doesn't work well when trying to center elements for different breakpoints. Using the <center> tags fixed that (and because this was about a billion years ago when the Internet was just becoming mainstream, this was perfectly acceptable at the time).

Anyway, I tried out graphic design before. I like web development, because 1) the browser is an infinite canvas 2) you can do all sorts of cool animations you can't do on a flyer 3) coding...I just like coding.

What I Know—HTML ● CSS & SCSS ● JavaScript & jQuery ● PHP

What I Use— ● Photoshop ● WordPress ● yarn & node.js ● Codekit ● macOS

What I Like—coding ● video games ● guinea pigs ● anime ● trailer/"epic" music

What I Made

(not taking projects at the moment)